Éislek - the north of Luxembourg

Discover the magnificent region of the Éislek. Located in the northern part of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Éislek will surprise you with its vast spaces and green valleys.

A true haven of nature, this region is ideally suited for hiking and many other outdoor activities. The Éislek is also marked by its history and a rich, diverse cultural heritage. Don’t wait any longer and get inspired by our numerous trip ideas!

“Everything we see is splendiferous. The Ardennes are simply enchanting.”

This is what Victor Hugo wrote to his wife Adèle back in... 1862. To this day, the Ardennes, which unite the Belgian, French and Luxembourgish Ardennes, still represent a region evoking rare emotions, enchanting the lives of those who live there and of those that are discovering it.

Unique and manifold, they represent a realm of balance and sharing, of strength and quietude. They regenerate and revitalise. They pledge quality of life for all those who cherish and share them. 

©Jim Hardt Photography
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